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Save Women Health With Best Gynecologist In Mumbai

“Gynecology” is a wide practice about women and diseases. Most of the women suffer from any one of the gynecological problems which should be treated with an apt gynecologist to shield their lives.
best gynecologist mumbai

Dr. Niraj Mahajan is a popular and the best gynecologist in Mumbai. He is the best Laparoscopic surgeon in Mumbai providing effective cosmetic gynecology treatment with international standards. He handled many gynecological surgeries and achieved many awards and accolades. Particularly Cosmetic gynecology, Corrective surgery, laparoscopy and hysteroscopy are his special areas. Besides his medical practice, he reviewed many journals.

Some of his excellent gynecological treatments are given below:

Hysterectomy: This is a surgical removal of the uterus. Based on the complication, only the uterus and/or fallopian tubes, ovaries and cervix are removed.

Laparoscopic hysterectomy: In laparoscopic hysterectomy a.k.a. keyhole surgery, small incisions are made in the abdomen/navel. Introducing the laparoscopy, the surgeon performs the procedure. It is minimally invasive and pain-free procedure.

Vaginal hysterectomy: Making an incision in the vaginal top, removing uterus and cervix through them is called vaginal hysterectomy.

Gynecologic Laparoscopy: It is an alternative to open surgery. With the help of a laparoscopy posterior region of the pelvic area is seen. It helps to diagnose the conditions such as fibroids, endometriosis. Using laparoscopy, removing an ovarian cyst, tubal ligation and hysterectomy are done.

Hysteroscopic surgery: In this surgery type uterus and cervix are visualized and /or surgical procedures are performed. A Laparoscope and micro instruments help in the surgery.

Cosmetic Gynecology: It changes the physical appearance of genital organs such as shape, size and symmetry etc. This is an elective procedure. There are two kinds of cosmetic gynecology known as Labiaplasty and vaginoplasty.

Cesarean delivery: In the cesarean delivery, the child is delivered by making two incisions, one in the mother’s stomach and another is in the uterus. It is decided depends on the mother’s medical condition and posture of the baby.

Normal delivery: Delivering the baby through the vagina with a minimally invasive procedure.

Tubal ligation: Blocking fallopian tube and deterring the passage of egg cells, thus preventing pregnancy.

Tubal ligation reversal: This surgery is performed to reverse the procedure by removing the fallopian blocks.

Gynecological Cancer Surgery: Gynecological cancer is a tumor that affects one or more parts such as uterus, ovaries, cervix, and fallopian tubes. The treatment procedure depends on the size, location, and growth of the tumor.

Vasectomy: In this surgical procedure sperm is prevented from mixing with semen. It is also called as Male sterilization.
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