Friday, August 11, 2017

Hymenoplasty in India

Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure that is preformed to reshape or restore a damaged hymen. A hymen is a sign of virginity and can damaged because of many non-sexual reasons such as jumping, running , swimming or any other type of sport activities. Sometimes women do not have hymen by birth.
Hymenoplasty is performed in two ways. In the first procedure, if the pieces of hymen are available then it can be stitch up together. The second procedure is surgery. Surgery is recommended when there is a need to reconstruct a new hymen by using available tissues. This process also tightens the vaginal walls. The surgery will restore the hymen but a female will experience discomfort and bleeding when it is damaged or ruptured again.

The surgery for hymenoplasty is of three types. They are
  • Basic technique
  • The Alloplant technique
  • Hymen reconstruction
Females suffering from any venereal diseases or genital cancer are not recommended for this treatment. The ideal female for the procedure is
  • Females whose hymen has ruptured due to sex or any other activity
  • Females above 18 years or older
  • Healthy female
  • Not suffering from any serious illnesses
 Hymenoplasty is a safe and secure procedure but needs little precautions. It is also important to select a good and experienced doctor for the surgery as it is a highly intimate area of the body and need lots of care and safety. A gynecological exam is essential to understand the possibility of restoring the hymen. However, there are some minor side effects of the procedure such as pain or discomfort but it will disappear after 2-5 days. It takes 4-6 weeks to completely recover from the surgery. Hymenoplasty provides best results and stable for a long time. The results will remain same till the next sexual intercourse.
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