Friday, November 4, 2016

Tubal Reversal Surgery : Getting Pregnant After Sterilization

Tubal reversal or tubal ligation reversal is a surgical procedure to join the separated segments of the fallopian tube. This surgery invokes the fertility chances to regain the pregnancy whereas Tubal ligation surgery is to resist the pregnancy by cutting, blocking or knotting the fallopian tubes. If a woman wants to have pregnancy tubal reversal is done. Fallopian tubes are core area through which eggs pass and reach the uterus.

Tubal Reversal Surgery in Mumbai

The success rate of Tubal reversal process depends on the age of a woman, type of tubal ligation performed in the past, the length of fallopian tubes after Tubal Ligation and the general health condition. 
A thorough physical examination is carried out for calculating pregnancy rate after the tubal reversal surgery. A Hysterosalpingogram is done to check the strength of the fallopian tubes and blocking levels.
Tubal Reversal Procedure

It is carried out as an outpatient procedure under general anesthesia. Using laparoscopy, the surgeon determines the surgical possibilities. In the possible condition, the surgeon makes a “bikini cut” and uses micro-instruments to remove any implants or blocks in the fallopian tubes. Since the surgery is done in the laparoscopic method, the recovery time is short. However, the pregnancy chances depend on the age of the patient as well as the past history of tubal ligation.

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IVF Treatment in Mumbai
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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Avoid Carrying PCOD and Stay Out of Peril

Polycystic ovarian disease (PCOD) is common in women. Formation of pearl-sized cysts filled with fluid that contain immature eggs in the ovaries is so called as PCOD. This hormonal imbalance problem causes irregular menstrual cycle and infertility. A survey study explored that one in ten women are affected by PCOD. If it is left untreated, leads to cardiac and diabetic ailments.

What does cause PCOD?

The exact cause of PCOD is unknown. Still, the causes are medically considered to be genetical, hormonal problems. A few women are less resistant to insulin called Insulin resistance which causes excessive male hormone ANDROGEN production. This affects the egg release during ovulation.

Does PCOD have any symptoms?

Yes. Obviously, PCOD has some major symptoms that are described below:
  • Irregular menstrual cycle
  • Heavy or scanty bleeding
  • Hair growth in face and body
  • Sudden weight gain
  • Formation of acne vulgaris
  • Depression, anxiety
Basic diagnosis involves in knowing the medical and menstrual history, Ultrasound scan to check the cysts, Insulin, Hormone and sugar level are tested in the blood sample.

PCOD and Treatments:

  • Prescribing hormonal therapy either to regulate menstrual cycle or for inducing pregnancy
  • Advising to reduce weight and to stick on to healthy & proper diet plan
  • Acne, hair growth are controlled using certain medicines. Even in the hormone therapy itself, the problems will be set out.
  • Severely depressed patients are treated with anti-depression pills.
Regular follow up with the physician to take control of PCOD cysts.
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Monday, September 5, 2016

Hymenoplasty : Virginity Regained in Mumbai

The hymen is a membrane that covers the vaginal opening externally. Virginity is examined by the presence of a hymen. The hymen is torn during the first intercourse generally. But it may be torn during physical activities, heavy exercises, injury, and masturbation.  Hymenoplasty is a surgical procedure of restoring hymen membrane. This procedure is also called as revirginization procedure, Vaginoplasty, and hymen reconstruction surgery. Some countries provide legal authorization for Hymenoplasty and most of the countries oppose & ban hymenorrhaphy. 

Why do women undergo Hymenoplasty?

  • Repairing hymen due to the injuries
  • Protecting women who suffered from sexual assault, this procedure helps them to recover from emotional and psychological stress.
  • Intended marriages require the presence of hymen as a virgin sign.
The torn hymen is stitched and appears intact after the surgical procedure. It is a short and simple procedure which takes up to 45 minutes and carried under local or general anesthesia. There are no risks or side effects of Hymenoplasty. The recovery time is short and healing would take around 6-8 weeks. The patient can return to routine work from the next day of surgery. Rare cases of stomach pain, bleeding, fever may occur where the patient shall contact the physician immediately.

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Hymenoplasty Surgery in Mumbai

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