Friday, May 19, 2017

Restoring Virginity with Hymenoplasty

The advancement in medical science and treatment technology has widened its scopes to procedures such as revirgination. A procedure of revirgination in women, hymenoplasty involves a simple surgical procedure where the hymen is restored. Hymen is a thin membrane present inside vagina that breaks during the initial sexual intercourse.
Hymenoplasty is also known as vaginoplasty, hymen reconstruction surgery or revirgination procedure. Reconstruction of hymen restores it to the virgin state and will cause bleeding in the subsequent intercourse. Virginity is considered with a great deal of importance in many countries. The procedure helps in restoring an intact hymen to appease these cultures.

The practice of hymenoplasty or any other procedure of hymenorrhaphy is banned in many countries and is often associated with considerable social stigma. The procedure is however legal in India. The tear in hymen can be caused as a result of strenuous or sport activities or due to injuries in the area, and not just through sexual intercourse.
The procedure of hymenoplasty involves a simple process which can be completed in about half an hour to 45 minute. It is done under anaesthesia and involves a surgical process to put back the hymen together to the previous state of virginity. The skin membranes are reconnected with the help of dissolvable stitches which dissolves automatically once the healing process is completed.
The procedure of hymenoplasty when done by a skilled professional appears as natural as normal intact hymen. Subsequent intercourse after the procedure would incite pain and bleeding as natural as in a virgin. The procedure is virtually short and risk free with no particular complications associated with it.
Hymenoplasty has a very speedy recovery process and requires a hospital stay of only a few hours. However, it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to heal completely.
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